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Gear Technology India’s E-mail Newsletter is delivered six times per year to more than 6,000 opt-in subscribers. The E-mail Newsletter brings our readers the latest news and exclusive articles. Each issue can accommodate one Sponsor Banner and up to six Impact Blocks.

Sponsor Banner ($495 per issue)

The E-mail newsletter sponsor banner is at the top of the newsletter, guaranteeing you the most prominent position available. Sponsor banners measure 728 x 90 pixels, and can be in JPG or GIF (no animation allowed) formats. Only one sponsor banner position is available in each issue.

Impact Blocks ($250 per issue)

Impact blocks are ad units in our E-mail Newsletters. The size and format of the ad is:

  • Graphic image in jpg, gif or png format (200 pixels wide × 135 pixels tall)
  • Headline – maximum 50 characters (about 8–10 words)
  • Copy – maximum 50 words
  • Link to the URL of your choice

2019 E-mail Newsletter Schedule

Issue Date News/Alert Ad Close
January 22 E-mail Newsletter January 17
February 12 E-mail Newsletter February 7
March 12 E-mail Newsletter March 7
April 9 E-mail Newsletter April 4
May 14 E-mail Newsletter May 9
June 11 E-mail Newsletter June 6
July 9 E-mail Newsletter July 3
August 13 E-mail Newsletter August 8
September 17 E-mail Newsletter September 12
October 15 E-mail Newsletter October 10
November 12 E-mail Newsletter November 7
December 10 E-mail Newsletter December 5

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