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The online buyers guide at is your best resource for finding gear industry suppliers who serve the Indian marketplace.

Premium Listings ($595 per year)

Premium listings appear on every applicable buyers guide category. They are positioned above the free listings, and they include a logo and brief description of your company. Premium listing advertisers can customize their descriptions for each category, or they can use a standard description for all categories.

Premium listing advertisers also receive a customized Company Page, which includes: contact information, company logo, a 250-word description, up to three photos, e-mail link and links to your website.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Premium Listing on

  • Premium Listings maximize your visibility and you convert "views" into actionable sales leads in this important industry.
  • Premium Listings are expanded to include a description, brand logo and a direct link to your website.
  • Premium Listings appear ahead of your competitor's free listings at the top of each category
  • Each Premium Listing advertiser gets a customized Company Page with photos, full contact information and an overview description of your Company.

Check out some sample categories to see the difference for yourself: Hobbing Machines | Analytical Gear Inspection Machines | Forgings

Sample Premium Listing Company Pages:

In addition, there are a few things that really set our Premium Listings program apart from other online directories:

  • No category limit - No matter how many different products and services you supply, we won't nickel-dime you for extra category fees.
  • You can customize each Premium Listing Category description to be most relevant to shoppers of that product.
  • Videos and many other features can be included on your company page at no extra charge.

Sponsor a Category ($495 per year)

To make the biggest possible impact in the buyers guide, advertisers can sponsor one of our main categories for just $495 per year.

Available categories include: Cutting Tools, Gear Blanks & Raw Material, Gear Drives, Gear Cutting Machinery, Gear Forming Machinery, Gear Grinding Machinery, Gear Manufacturing Services, Gears, Grinding Wheels, Heat Treating Equipment, Heat Treating Services, Inspection Equipment, Lubricants, Machine Tools, Services, Software and Workholding & Toolholding.

As the sponsor, you get a 728 × 90 pixel banner at the top of the main category and each sub-category beneath it. Also, in any sub-category where your company is listed, your premium listing is automatically moved to the top of the page (above even the other premium listing suppliers). Only two sponsorships are available in each main category position.

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