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India's Largest Power Transmission Event - The 6th edition of IPTEX/GRINDEX, the largest power transmission focused event in India, drew to a close on February 15th with 3,000 attendees visiting the three-day show in Pune, India. This was the first time the event was held in Pune, considered the Detroit of India, with the largest Indian car manufacturer, Tata Motors, based in the city. The biennial event was started 12 years ago.

Intelligent and Integrated Gear Grinding Workflow - Time savings, enhanced quality, increased system availability by means of integrated production chains

Gear Grinding Solutions from CUMI - From aeroplanes to ships, from automobiles to locomotives, from medical devices to material handling equipments, everything is now expected to work at higher efficiency, be more reliable, be compact and cost lower. Gears form an integral part of all these machines. Gear manufacturing is a highly skilled and critical machining process. It requires application expertise and sophisticated tools & machines. The transmission industry now aims at increasing power density, reducing gear noise and improving energy efficiency levels in gear boxes. For gears, it translates into tighter tolerances, higher profile accuracy and improved surface finish. Gear Grinding, a very precise finishing operation, helps in achieving the desired finish. CUMI constantly works on solving such challenges and offers comprehensive solutions for gear grinding needs.

Advances in the production of Double Helical Gears - Increasing demand for double helical gears in planetary reduction gear boxes for engines in civil aviation has necessitated a number of new capabilities and technologies.

Gearwheel manufacturing in 34-second cycle - Minimising production times to ensure competitiveness is one of the most important challenges in the automotive industry - Henry Ford already recognised this over a century ago. After decades of optimisation, it is difficult to reduce machining times even further while maintaining the same level of quality. Nevertheless, the company Volkswagen (VW), near the German town of Kassel, has managed to achieve this in gearbox production using KAPP NILES gear grinding machines.

Generating and Profile Grinding in Gear Manufacturing - Generating grinding with dressable tools is an established technology in gear production. ZF Steyr Pršzisionstechnik GmbH uses this process for a wide variety of applications, from series production to prototyping. Flexible machines manufactured by Kapp Niles can master all applications at the shortest set-up time and fully integrated into automatic production. They can be easily used for profile grinding in special productions or prototyping which cannot be realised with generating grinding.

IPTEX 2018 Preview - The IPTEX 2018 show takes place February 22-24 in Mumbai. The expo will feature the latest gear manufacturing technology available to the Indian marketplace. Exhibitors will include many of the leading suppliers of gear manufacturing machine tools, cutting tools, grinding wheels and more. Gear Technology India has contacted a number of these exhibitors in advance of the show, in order to provide you with a sneak preview of the technology and information that will be on display.

IPTEX 2018 - The International Power Transmission Expo-2018, the 5th edition of this gear and power transmission trade show, will take place February 22-24, 2018, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai alongside the co-located show, Grindex 2018.

Gear Manufacturing Technology at IMTEX 2017 - IMTEX 2017 and the concurrent exhibition Tooltech will be held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre from January 26 through February 1, 2017. Sponsored by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA), this will be the 18th edition of IMTEX. Gear Technology India has contacted many of these exhibitors in advance of the show in order to find out what technologies and manufacturing solutions they will have on display. Keep reading to learn about the latest technology for gear manufacturers.

Chamfering and Deburring Gears Precisely to Achieve Smoother Gear Transmissions - The chamfering and deburring of gears is often an undervalued process in gear production. However, it has a great influence on the usage characteristics of the work piece. Improvements in Ratings for Gear Shifting in vehicles also depends on the process used for this operation. This article explains the sophistication required in tools using plastic deformation for chamfering and rolling and cutting action for deburring.