Gearwheel manufacturing in 34-second cycle

Martin Witzsch
November 21, 2018

Minimising production times to ensure competitiveness is one of the most important challenges in the automotive industry - Henry Ford already recognised this over a century ago. After decades of optimisation, it is difficult to reduce machining times even further while maintaining the same level of quality. Nevertheless, the company Volkswagen (VW), near the German town of Kassel, has managed to achieve this in gearbox production using KAPP NILES gear grinding machines.

Gearwheel manufacture in 34-second cycle

(Photo: Martin Witzsch)

The Volkswagen plant in the small town of Baunatal is one of the larger German locations of the enterprise with a workforce of about 17,000. Its production focuses mainly on passenger car gearboxes in ten different series at present. Gearing centres of KAPP NILES are being deployed on 50% of the manufacturing lines. The company, based in Coburg, Bavaria, is primarily known as a specialist for hob grinding with dressable tools - a process combining productivity and quality.

880 gearboxes per day

KAPP NILES machines are also applied in the production of the DL 382 dual clutch gearbox for Audi. A total of sixteen gearings is required to shift the seven gears with this type of gearbox

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