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Post Event Report: IPTEX & GRINDEX 2024

IPTEX & GRINDEX-2024, held at the Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre in Pune, Maharashtra, marked a significant milestone in the advancement…

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India And The Gear Industry Today

Whither art thou. Is India going to make any ripples in the Gear Manufacturing Industry & cater to the needs…

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Gear Finishing Processes & Inspection

From gear hobbing to gear grinding, each process is meticulously dissected to highlight its significance in the manufacturing landscape. Gear…

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Bevel Gears India’s Role in Chandrayaan’s Success

India recently made waves when Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the south pole of the Moon. Behind this tremendous feat, is…

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IGW’s Stefaan Dewaele Eyes Expansion through Transmission and Motor Gear Acquisitions

With 70 years of experience in gear manufacturing, Belgium’s IGW history began in 1949 when a 20-year-old ambitious entrepreneur, Mr….

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Gear Machine

NORD offers Complete System Solutions for Drive System Requirements

Please tell us a bit about your company With approximately 5,000 employees worldwide, NORD develops & produces a market driven…

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How the Indian Gear Manufacturers Association Was Created on WhatsApp

By: Divya Sudarsanan In 2018, a WhatsApp group for Indian gear manufacturers was born. What started out as a 25-member…

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UCAM Nimble Machines Drive to Commitment for Quality Gear Manufacturing Solutions

Nimble Machines was established with the vision of providing innovative gear manufacturing solutions that are productive, precise, and rigid.  …

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Drop-in replacement gearboxes for all brands

Helical gearbox Please tell us a little about your company and its expertise. ESENPRO, a brand of ESENPRO Power Transmission…

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