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Miki Pulley ALS Machined Couplings Solve Misalignment Challenges

For handling parallel, angular or axial misalignment applications with more precision, ALS Couplings from Miki Pulley has a latest design…

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SKF Adds Microlog Analyzer dBX to Condition Monitoring Portfolio

SKF has extended its Microlog Analyzer family of data collection devices with a new model that offers faster measurement collection…

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Unconventional Gear Profiles in Planetary Gearboxes

Anand Varadharajan, Pablo Lopez Garcia, Stein Crispel, Bram Vanderborght, Dirk Lefeber and Tom Verstraten Gear wheels have been used for…

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Leica Geosystems simplifies utility detection and increases site safety with new intuitive locator technology

(Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 18 January 2023) Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, today announced its latest solution for utility and excavation professionals….

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The Move Toward Systematic Design

E-Mobility is changing the gear market at an incredibly rapid pace, and the software is adapting to meet these new…

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Lowering the Temperature of Gear Oils with Performance Polymer Technology

Shubhamita Basu, Ph.D., North America Product Manager, Industrial Oils and Carlos Nazario, North America Product Manager, Grease Additives Companies that…

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Increasing energy efficiency through improved gear surfaces in e-mobility

KAPP NILES The electric motors used in e-mobility have a significantly higher efficiency compared to conventional combustion engines: Up to…

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Small worm – Great Potential

Graduate physicist Martin Witzsch, freelance journalist on behalf of KAPP NILES Ralf Dremel, Technical Product Manager at KAPP NILES Gearboxes…

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Intelligent generating grinding – quality assurance for e-transmission gears already on board

Martin Witzsch Transmissions for electric cars are much simpler in design than for conventional combustion engines, but place far higher…

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