Contribute to Gear Technology India

We are always looking for high-quality editorial content to be featured in Gear Technology India. In particular, we have needs in the following areas:

1) Product News — We will always need updates on your company's newest products and services, particularly as it relates to the Indian marketplace. We are happy to help you promote these to our audience. So, if you have a new machine model, please send us a brief write-up on the machine, explaining the machine's capabilities, special features and advantages, along with a high-resolution photograph (or multiple photographs).

2) Industry News — Has your company expanded? Do you have a new sales manager, vice president or CEO? If so, please send us the details, and we'll let the marketplace know about it. Have you increased the size of your factory or otherwise expanded manufacturing capacity? Send us a press release, and we'll make sure our audience hears about it. We are interested in all kinds of corporate news regarding Indian companies in the gear and power transmission industry, including mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, etc.

3) Case Studies — Have you helped a customer solve a specific gear-related problem? If so, we are interested in learning more, and so are our readers. Case study articles help demonstrate the best use of technology for a particular application. Ideally, case studies include the participation of both the supplier and the customer, so that our readers have a good understanding of the problem from both sides. Typically, these articles are 1,000-2,000 words in length and include multiple high-resolution photographs.

4) Technical Articles — In Gear Technology India, we run technical articles from world-recognized research groups and industry technology leaders, including authors from companies in India. If you would like to share your knowledge on your area of expertise, we are interested in your contributions. As with our USA publications, all technical articles must be unbiased and technically accurate. As such, we will submit them to a technical review process whereby we have other experts review your work. This helps ensure that the information we present to the marketplace is as technically accurate and relevant as possible, without being commercially biased. Writing technical articles is a terrific way to establish your credibility in the marketplace and pass along your knowledge and experience to the next generation of industry professionals.

If you are interested in contributing any of these types of articles, please Contact our Managing Editor (Randy Stott), as we would like to schedule what we can for one of our upcoming issues.