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Capital Tool Industries - CTI is a long established company producing quality Gear Cutting Tools. We specialize in the manufacture of Gear Hobs, Worm Gear Hobs, Involute Gear Cutters, Gear Shaper Cutters, Gear Shaving Cutters & all types of Milling Cutters.7-a, Industrial Estate
Patiala, Punjab 147004
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Contact: R.K. Gupta, CEO



CTI is a long established company producing quality Gear Cutting Tools since 1966. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and have expertise in the production of Gear Tools. Our products include:

Spur and Helical Gear Hobs upto 0.7 DP in Class AA, A and B.

Straight and Involute Spline Hobs, Roller Chain Sprocket and Timing Belt Pulley Hobs, Worm Gear Hobs, Special and Stock Hobs in DP, Module and CP.

Involute Gear Cutters
Single Milling Cutters in sets and custom designed to specific tooth/tooth range.

Gear Roughing Cutters-stepped up type for rapid roughing of larger gears.

Gear Shaper Cutters
Disc, Hub and Shank type cutter for internal gears.

Broaches--Spline, Keyway, Serration, round, flat and form broaches.

Gear Shaving Cutters, Master Gears and Spline Gages.

Special Form Cutters
Spline Milling Cutters, Rack and Worm Milling Cutters, Thread form and other cutters for special profiles.

Gear cutting tool design and production requires much specialized knowledge, which has been acquired and refined over generations. Computer aided design/manufacture allows rapid assessment of individual cutting requirements and ideal optimization of all variables for maximum cutter effectiveness.

For Further information on our products, please contact our USA OFFICE at:
513, Cherokee Drive
Temple, TX 76504 USA
Ph: (408) 828 0024