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Steelmans Broaches Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers and Exporters of Push and Pull style Spline, Serration, Keyway, Surface, Standard Broaches and Broach Sets. We also manufacture Gear Hobs, Gear Cutters, Serration Cutters,Gear Shaper Cutter, Shaving Cutters , Milling Cutters....183 Ajit Nagar
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The Steelmans is a leading specialist in design and manufacture of broaches for industrial applications since 1984. We offer rapid delivery of special broaches customer-designed for your application or manufactured from your blueprints. We are fully equipped to manufacture both standard and special broaches in either push or pull styles, including all types of Spline, Keyway, Internal Hole and Surface broaches. Special broaches are manufactured of the highest quality high-speed steel such as HSS M2, HSS M35, ASP23, ASP30. We regularly manufacture broaches up to 2000mm in length.

Steelmans engineering staff has years of experience in designing special broaches to replace time-consuming and costly machining operations. We are able to serve our customer as a single complete source for all of their broaching needs.


Involute, Straight, Serration Broaches

A Complete range of Spline-Involute, Parallel and Trapezoidal, Serrations, Ratchet, specially designed to suit the Component specifications. Available in push or pull type desigh. We regularly manufacturer Spline broaches for precision-made Steering Knuckle Arm, Constant Mesh Gear, Front Axle, Lift Arm, Depth Control Cap, Bull Gear and Differential Lock Clutch centre, Fly/Sprocket Wheel Ratchet components.

A Complete range of Spline Broaches

  • Involute Spline
  • Straight Spline
  • Calibration Spline Broach Drift
  • Serrations
  • Serration Drifts
  • Parallel and Trapezoidal
  • Ratchet

And any specially designed to suit the Component specifications. Available in push or pull type design. We regularly manufacture spline broaches for precision-made requirements.


Steelmans Pull-Type Keyway Broaches are designed for high volume production using Pull-Type broaching machines. Steelmans offers both Industry Standard 500 Series with threaded pull end and 600 Series with notched pull end. Available in both American Standard, and Metric sizes as well as coated. Max OAL 1830 mm.

Specials: We are fully equipped to manufacture Special Pull-Type Keyway Broaches to your specifications. A special chamfering feature that will deburr the keyway while it is being broached is also available. All standard items are available with TiN, or TiAlN coatings


Steelmans manufacture and export the complete range of

  • American Standard Broach Sets
  • American Standard Keyway Individual Broaches, Bushings & Shims
  • Metric Broach Sets
  • Metric Individual Keyway Broaches, Bushings and Shims
  • American Standard Production and one Pas Keyway Broaches
  • Standard Keyseating Broaches
  • Standard and Metric Square Broaches
  • Standard and Metric Hexagon Broaches
  • Standard Round / Bore Finish Broaches


'STEELMANS' is one of the Largest Half Round & Surface Broach Set manufacturers for the Connecting Rods in the World. In 1984, Steelmans set in motion a new era of technological excellence and expertise in the manufacturing of half round and surface broach sets for the connecting rod and caps, for the auto industry. A total set of 22 Nos. of broaches are provided as a left and right joint face rougher, left and right side lock rougher, left and right side lock finisher, joint face finisher, half bore rougher and finisher, and side face finishers. We also offer to replace only those broach inserts which has worn undersize or has been damaged.

Serration Surface Broaches are also made as per special design to suit and match the Serration on Connecting Rods and Caps. Re-sharpening services are also available. Steelmans also manufacture broaches for Steering Racks.


Starting with a round drilled hole, internal broaching can mess produce practically any internal any internal hole configuration from the simplest application, reaming to the most complicated, the rifling of gun barrels. Almost all internal broaching is done by pull broaches because they significantly remove more stock than push broaches, even where the work piece has a thin or irregular all. Special INTERNAL CONTOUR Broaches for Round, D-Hole, Double-D oval, Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal, irregular shapes and Combination broaches are available, push or pull type design.


  • Involute Gear Hobs
  • Involute Spline Hobs
  • Straight Spline Hobs
  • Sprocket Hobs
  • Worm Wheel Hobs
  • Chamfer Hobs
  • Saw Blade Hobs

Gear Cutters

  • Milling Cutters
  • Disk Type Shaper Cutters
  • Shank Type Shaper Cutters
  • Shaving Cutters
Module: 0.50 to 20.00
Pressure Angle: 1430' to 30
Accuracy: Class "AA" & "A" as per DIN, BS, ASA standards specification
Special Features: Chamfering, semi-topping, protuberance, flat or fillet roots
Spur & Helical: With all standard & non-standard profiles

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