EES KISSsoft GmbH - EES KISSsoft GmbH is a gear consultancy focusing on design, optimisation and Rating of gearboxes, transmissions and components. Hauptstrasse 7
Menzingen, ZG 6313
Phone: 0041 41 755 33 20
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Who is EES?

EES KISSsoft GmbH is a Swiss engineering consultancy, focusing on gear and gearbox design. EES approach is to provide our customers with:

  • Engineering services
  • Education
  • Software

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Gear design, optimization and analysis
  • Calculation of slewing bearings
  • Flexpin design
  • Certification assistance
  • Wind gearboxes
  • Test planning, witnessing and reporting

Furthermore, EES KISSsoft GmbH represents KISSsoft products in Asia, together with local partners in Korea, India and China.

Consultancy on Gearing

EES KISSsoft GmbH is one of the world leading consultants in gear design.

Design, analysis and optimization assistance is provided on a single gear, gear mesh or gearbox / transmission level.

Services for complete gearboxes / transmissions

  • Conceptual design, mass estimate, efficiency estimate, concept comparisons
  • Lubrication system design, bearing selection
  • Design and drawing review
  • Engineering analysis for certification or customer approval
  • System deformation analysis using FEM

Services for single gears / gear pairs

  • Static, fatigue, subsurface strength, wear, scuffing and micropitting rating
  • Gear macrogeometry and microgeometry optimisaion
  • Material selection, material quality definition, shot peening and superfinishing
  • Gear manufacturing drawings
  • Experimental verification of tooth contact patterns in full load test
  • Modifications design for low noise and high load capacity

EES is involved in the review of gearing standards through SNV and contributes to the development of the leading gear software KISSsoft.

Consultancy, wind gearboxes

EES KISSsoft GmbH is a well known consultant in wind industry. The focus of our services is on

  • Gearbox concepts and design
  • Engineering analysis including FEM
  • Bearing selection and interaction with bearing suppliers
  • Detailed gear design, gear microgeometry optimization
  • Test planning, witnessing and reporting
  • Certification assistance
  • Technical due diligence services

EES has been involved with main gearboxes, pitch and yaw gearboxes as well as rotor main bearings and tower / blade slewing bearings. On main wind gearboxes, projects for 660kW up to >5MW have been completed.

Specific know how on Flexpin design, gear microgeometry, thermal rating and large bearing simulation are available.

EES has worked for some of the top level players in the wind industry in Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Korea, Austria and India.

EES customers are either gearbox suppliers or wind turbine companies seeking assistance with certification, testing, design or engineering analysis.

EES works closely together with certification bodies.