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Interview with Mr.Vijay (National Sales Head) Nimble Machines

Interview with Mr.Vijay (National Sales Head) Nimble Machines

1. Please tell us a bit about your company and what it does?
Nimble Machines was launched in 2015 as a business vertical to UCAM Pvt Ltd providing innovative gear manufacturing solutions that are productive, precise, and rigid.

2. What are its manufacturing capabilities, and the products offered?
We aim to be the top industry player as a gear manufacturing solution provider. Currently, we offer two varieties of machines. Firstly, we manufacture high speed CNC gear hobbing machines under the VAJRA series consisting of machines ranging from maximum component diameter 130mm to 400mm and up to 8 modules in size. In addition, we have proudly launched and supplied India’s first Spiral bevel gear generator: TARANG 325. It is our honor that TARANG 325 has received the CII design award for its sleek and ergonomic design.

3. What industries does Nimble Machines typically supply to?
We majorly offer our products to the automotive sector of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and tractors along with general engineering and mining and mining.

4. Is there anything that has been specifically developed for the gear industry? Please explain the types of machines and their capacities?
We have launched the new series of VAJRA machines i.e VAJRA 130 model. Being the smallest machine in our range, it is highly innovative with direct drive technology for high-speed gear cutting application. This enables us to achieve competitive cycle times with higher cutting speeds of 200-250 m/min cutting speeds suitable for smaller gears of two-wheeler and four-wheeler application. The machine is also offered with servo tailstock feature suitable for achieving faster cycle time.

Also, we are proud to say Tarang is India’s first Spiral bevel gear machine. It has already been supplied to customers and we have received positive feedback.

5. What about sales and service networks?
We have a very strong network of sales and service teams situated at prominent locations around India i.e., Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Aurangabad, Delhi and Rajkot to name a few. We are able to provide quick, comprehensive and certified services.

6. What technological advancements has Nimble Machines been associated with?
Our machines are at par with the industry leading European manufacturers and we work towards the continuous technological advancement of our products. VAJRA Machines have been incorporated with the latest technology such as direct-drive for hob spindle and work table. This enables our machine to achieve higher hob speeds with the latest cutting tools to give high productivity and quality. Hob head, having a precision spindle bearing arrangement, enables precision gear cutting. It is driven by a powerful built-in motor capable of delivering ample torque.