Grind Master Offers Machining Technologies at IMTEX 2019

Grind Master, a manufacturer of automatic machines for deburring, polishing, microfinishing and robotic deflashing, will participate in I...

Grind Master will feature a full lineup of machine tool technologies at IMTEX 2019.

Grind Master, a manufacturer of automatic machines for deburring, polishing, microfinishing and robotic deflashing, will participate in IMTEX 2019 from January 24-30 at Stall A101, Hall 5. Here are some of the technologies that will be featured at the fair.

Gear Chamfering
Grind Master offers a gear tooth chamfering and deburring machine in technical collaboration with Samputensili, Italy.  Model RCD 160 is a universal machine which can be used for a wide range of spur and helical gears, shaft type gears, bevel gears and pinions etc.  It has chamfering and deburring heads that use patented forming tooling from Samp. 

Grind Master offers a wide range of conveyorized belt grinding and brushing machines which are used for deburring of flat punched and fine blanked parts like clutch plates, discs, sector gears, brake pads, bearing thrust washer etc.

These machines are offered with multiple belt grinding heads and planetary brushing heads depending on the amount of burr and customer requirement of deburred edge and finish.  The new platen type belt grinder ensures the flatness on the parts. The machine can deburr even non-magnetic small parts. This process improves the surface contact area of flat parts which is important for parts like engine thrust washers. 

Microfinishing Machine
The CMX500 is a next generation microfinishing machine highly flexible for automotive powertrain parts including crankshafts, camshafts, gearbox shafts and steering racks. SPMS Supramatic, France, a strategic partner of Grind Master, is well known over for building superfinishing machines that are installed in automotive OEMs.

The CMX500 is a next generation machine built with an advanced control system that is IOT enabled and ultra-user friendly with tool management system, voice guidance, connection to smartphone, Rams for data logging and monitoring. The machine has modular configuration with flexibility to set it up for various parts, automatic changeover between crankshafts, camshafts, gearbox shafts. 

Polishing Machine
Grind Master offers the LPH series machine for polishing round tubes and bars of stainless steel and aluminium to generate bright glossy finish. This machine can be installed in line with other tube polishing machines. 

Machine can be used for tubes from 19 up to 75 mm diameter. The machine has easy job size settings. Tube feed rate is adjustable from 2 m/min to 6 m/min. The machine is offered with inlet and outlet roller support and an auto tube feed system. They also offer fully automatic belt grinding and polishing machines with roller supports and load/unload systems for high volume production. 

Grinding & Finishing
Grind Master offers the FT series machine for grinding and finishing of large billets, rollers, cylinders and tubes. Machine can be used for jobs with 130 mm to 400 mm and a length of 1,600 mm to 3,600 mm. Machine has job support on rollers and belt grinding heads that move along the length. The heads are specially designed to take care of out of roundness on the job.  Machine has a Nanofinish Control System and Ultra User friendliness.

Nanofinish Technology for Superfinishing
The Grind Master Nanofinish Series NF1000MP machine has multiple workstations with a combination of an Inline Crack Detection System and two stations of superfinishing for high speed processing of rack bars. This machine is completely enclosed with full metal enclosure. The entire system is controlled with a Nanosmart Controller which includes automatic load/unload, remote asset management system, wrong part detection and other IOT features. This machine is highly suitable for mass production and multiple variants of steering Rack Bar. The machine can superfinish four parts in a minute.  

Superfinisher CST600
Grind Master offers a Nanofinish range of machines for microfinishing and superfinishing of automotive powertrain parts. The CST600 is engineered for high quality finishing of pin type parts (cylindrical) like crank pins, shock absorber piston rods, pistons of piston pumps, bearing cartridges, plunger of fuel systems etc. The CST600 uses reliable tape finishing technology which is much more user friendly and a fit and forget type of system compared to conventional stone technology. Consequently there are several savings in terms of energy and reductions in rejection.
Robofinish Fettling 
Grind Master Robofinish fettling machine is an advanced and reliable machine for Ferrous castings. Robotic fettling is a technology developed by Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd for cast iron foundry. This increases the productivity, quality and save time of casters with the healthier workplace. The Grind Master Robofinish RCF series machine is an ideal and economic machine for fettling operations including Riser and gate cutting, Parting line grinding, deburring of sharp edges, milling inaccessible areas and breaking of holes.  

This machine addresses specific problems of foundry industry like unhealthy working conditions, heavy components and stock removals, complex shapes, variation in components by selection of right processes, tools and specially developed software. This machine is completely enclosed with full metal enclosure with dust collector system and automatic tool changer. The cycle time depends on the component, typically it is between 2 to 3 minutes for components 500 X 300 X 250 mm in size.

Quick change fixtures makes the machine suitable for wide range components like motor housing, differential housing hydraulic housing, pump housing, flywheel housing and engine and transmission housing/covers manufactured in large volumes.

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