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AGMA at 108: A Legacy of Innovation and Global Leadership in Gear Manufacturing

AGMA at 108: A Legacy of Innovation and Global Leadership in Gear Manufacturing

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) is celebrating its 108th anniversary this year, standing among approximately 90,000 trade and professional associations in the United States. It’s noteworthy to mention that fewer than 0.5 percent of businesses in the U.S. achieve the milestone of reaching 100 years. Extrapolating this statistic to trade and professional associations suggests that only around 450 such organizations have attained a century of existence nationwide, placing AGMA in an esteemed and exclusive category.

As per an NPR article, associations must adapt to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Futurist Jim Carroll, the author of “Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast,” emphasizes the importance of associations focusing on delivering “just-in-time knowledge” to their members, which involves providing timely, purposeful, and temporary information.

AGMA has not only successfully navigated this transformation but has also grown, challenged traditional norms, and aligned its strategic plan with the idea that members are the driving force behind innovation in power transmission. The association acknowledges the significance of empowering professionals to have control over the resources they receive. This approach enables individuals to access precisely what they need in real time. For example, during the recent AGMA board meeting, leaders from various sectors of the power transmission industry gathered to ensure the association stays informed about emerging trends in technology, education, and business development.

Advanced Gear Engineering Courses by AGMA

  1. Involute Spline Design & Rating ( Date: January 17-18 )

Join the AGMA Live Online Course addressing geometry and rating of involute splines. Explore various types of spline joints, configuration variations, lubrication methods, and stress rating techniques. Delve into both fixed and flexible spline configurations, understanding their applications and design considerations.

  1. Analytical Gear Chart Interpretation ( Date: January 23 )

Explore the methodology of analytical gear inspection in this Live Online Course. Learn to evaluate and interpret inspection data, identifying manufacturing errors and understanding their causes and cures. Utilize chart interpretation and inspection data to improve gear manufacturing processes, with numerous examples illustrating cause and effect.

  1. Gear Materials ( Date: January 30-February 1 and February 6-8 )

Join the Live Online Course to understand the coordinated effort required for optimum gear set design. Investigate gear-related problems, failures, and processing procedures. Gain insights into the collaborative role of the gear design engineer, gear metallurgist, and bearing system engineer.

  1. Design Basics of Spur & Helical Gears ( Date: February 13 )

Participate in this Live Online Course to develop a deep understanding of customer gear drive application specifications and target performance expectations. Learn to calculate and select gear design parameters, optimize gear fatigue safety factors, and adapt new gear designs into existing setups. Utilize commercially available software for gear-geometry factors and power density optimization.

Explore common gear failure modes, discuss gear design challenges specific to your industry, and navigate the time and cost considerations of gear-drive component functions. Take part in a comprehensive course covering more than 20 gear-drive development steps, from prototypes to compliant production drives.

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AGMA’s Dynamic Initiatives: Pioneering EV Advancements, Global Collaboration, and Standards Leadership at 108

• AGMA, in response to industry feedback on evolving EV technology, organized the inaugural EV Town Hall. During this event, global experts delved into the significance of standards development and the need for further information gathering in the electric space. The discussions focused on charting a path forward for the industry.

• Building on insights from the EV Town Hall, AGMA mobilized experts to take immediate action by developing and crafting an EV curriculum. This curriculum aims to provide professionals in the power transmission industry with the opportunity to learn about EV technology directly from instructors employed by EV companies.

• AGMA remains committed to fostering collaboration among experts across the power-transmission industry. In the upcoming year, the association will concentrate on fortifying partnerships and relationships with other associations, exemplified by its ongoing collaboration with the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA).

• Operating within a global supply chain, AGMA reinstated the crucial Trade Mission. This initiative brings members to other countries, facilitating learning about processes, trade, seeking potential solutions for their businesses, and creating a networking group to address various economic and geopolitical challenges.

• AGMA’s dedication to expanding the standards development community is evident in its leadership of the ISO TC-60 Working Group. Members will have exciting opportunities this year to participate in projects that contribute to their professional growth and earn international recognition for their companies’ influence in shaping the industry.

Focusing back on the article: “AGMA at 108: A Legacy of Innovation and Global Leadership in Gear Manufacturing’ signifies being member-driven, adaptable, forward-thinking, innovative, and unafraid of embracing new initiatives while remaining steadfast to the association’s original foundation.

As the new year begins, take note of the numerous opportunities and resources AGMA has made available to you and your team. If the last 107 years didn’t persuade you to join, perhaps 108 is the year to discover why 427 other companies rely on AGMA for their power transmission needs.

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AGMA’s remarkable journey to its 108th anniversary stands as a testament to its legacy of innovation and global leadership in the field of gear manufacturing. As a distinguished member of a select group of organizations celebrating a century of existence, AGMA has consistently demonstrated adaptability, forward-thinking, and an unwavering commitment to its original foundation.

The association’s response to the rapidly evolving technological landscape, as highlighted by futurist Jim Carroll, reflects its dedication to providing “just-in-time knowledge” to its members. AGMA’s proactive approach, showcased through dynamic initiatives such as the EV Town Hall, the development of an EV curriculum, and collaborations with industry associations, exemplifies its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

The reinstatement of the Trade Mission and leadership in the ISO TC-60 Working Group further underscores AGMA’s commitment to global collaboration, standards development, and addressing economic and geopolitical challenges within the power-transmission industry.

As AGMA embarks on its 108th year, it invites professionals and industry leaders to explore the wealth of opportunities and resources it offers. The upcoming 2024 Annual Meeting, featuring Early Bird discounts, promises a unique platform for networking, gaining insights from experts, and participating in high-level discussions. Moreover, the array of Live Online Courses covering topics from involute spline design to analytical gear inspection presents valuable educational opportunities for industry professionals.

Join AGMA and be part of a legacy that celebrates innovation, collaboration, and excellence in gear manufacturing. The association, with its rich history and forward-looking initiatives, continues to be a cornerstone for companies contingent on AGMA for their power transmission needs.