IPTEX 2018 Preview

Randy Stott, Managing Editor
January 22, 2018

The IPTEX 2018 show takes place February 22-24 in Mumbai. The expo will feature the latest gear manufacturing technology available to the Indian marketplace. Exhibitors will include many of the leading suppliers of gear manufacturing machine tools, cutting tools, grinding wheels and more. Gear Technology India has contacted a number of these exhibitors in advance of the show, in order to provide you with a sneak preview of the technology and information that will be on display.

The IPTEX 2018 show takes place February 22-24 in Mumbai. The expo will feature the latest gear manufacturing technology available to the Indian marketplace. Exhibitors will include many of the leading suppliers of gear manufacturing machine tools, cutting tools, grinding wheels and more. Gear Technology has contacted a number of these exhibitors in advance of the show, in order to provide you with a sneak preview of the technology and information that will be on display. For more information about the show, including information on how to register and attend, please visit www.iptexpo.com.

To learn more about individual booths at IPTEX 2018, please click on the name of the exhibitor below, or simply scroll down the page to read them all:

Dontyne Systems – Booth A-19

Dontyne Systems continues to develop an ideal platform for integrated gear design and manufacture through new and improved functionality to the Gear Production Suite (GPS).

Simulations for hobbing, continuous grinding with dressing, shaping, shaving, and profile grinding have been successfully implemented in many companies now, and have been continually improved to produced high correlation with production. Accurate modelling of the processes allows automatic tool design, including assessment of the effects of tolerancing, before cutting metal. This gives more confidence in right-first-time production for reduced waste of time and resources. The technology has been proven to give accurate results using both standard gear production equipment and flexible 5-Axis production systems. Utilising multiple operations and existing tooling in a multi-axis machine makes it ideal for prototyping and small batch production including bevels. GPS design functions enable designers to optimize tooth contact in our LTCA model before machining. The interface to these machines now includes exporting G-code to reduce set up time.

Trials have shown interfacing to dedicated gear inspection and CMM units further improves production efficiency and quality. Measurement data can be used to edit axis position for accurate surface generation or the tool surface itself including forming processes such as forging and injection moulding.

Integration of the software enables constant monitoring and correction of production, which could be automated. Considerable savings in time and cost are possible. Visit us at IPTEX Booth A-13. We look forward to discussing how our software can help improve production efficiency and flexibility with your existing or developing production systems.

See our interview with Dr. Mike Fish of Dontyne systems from Gear Expo 2017.

For more information:
Dontyne Systems

DVS Technology Group

At IPTEX, India’s leading trade show for transmission manufacturers, the companies of the DVS Technology Group will show their latest innovations for the high-precision machining of gear components. The group, whose member companies supply machines and tools for the fields of turning, gear cutting, grinding and gear honing as both individual and system solutions, will be presenting a new hard-fine machining platform, a new technology to improve the quality of internal gearings and numerous innovations from the machine and tool segment.

Pittler T&S GmbH will be offering the first skiving centre of its kind including automation cell for complete machining of larger components with a diameter of up to 400 mm. Based on the tried and trusted Pittler vertical series, the new SkiveLine platform has been oriented towards the advanced Pittler Power Skiving gearing technology, which can be used for both the internal and external gear cutting of components. Components such as the hollow wheels of the planetary gearbox, which will be installed more and more often in drives in the future, can either be machined completely with one clamping or be machined by upstream or downstream turning, milling or deburring processes in addition to gear cutting. The Pittler SkiveLine has also been optimised for fully automatic series production: The work chambers of up to two gear centres are automatically supplied with workpieces via an innovative automation cell, thus minimising space and investment requirements compared with robot loading. This allows manufacturers to react economically to varying batch sizes, which is not possible with sequential machining on several machines.

BUDERUS platform for hard machining and finishing celebrates its India première
With more options to combine machining processes and an optimisation in terms of cycle times, the new machine platform BV235 from Buderus Schleiftechnik is highlighted at IPTEX. The increased demands made by customers on tool shapes and finishes can thus be implemented with combined machining processes, optimised in terms of cycle times and in reliable processes. This is also why Buderus Schleiftechnik has integrated the technology of borehole honing into the process chain of grinding and turning operations within the context of combined hard-fine machining in one machine. Furthermore the new BV235 can be equipped with a TwinSpindle. The simultaneous machining of two parts in one working chamber significantly reduces the cycle time.

PRÄWEMA is exhibiting hard skiving and internal honing for the first time
All there is to know about the gear honing of transmission components will be demonstrated by Präwema Antriebstechnik GmbH at the DVS booth. Präwema offers complete gearing solutions from soft to hard machining and finishing both for internal and external gearing. For gear cutting of hardened passenger car transmission components with an average quality requirement, Präwema is highlighting hard skiving for series production. For internal gearing with significantly higher quality requirements, the company has further developed the technology of internal honing. For the first time, hardened and thus more stable gearing in terms of pitch values and surface structure have been able to be significantly optimised as a result. The global market leader for gear honing machines also offers high quality machining solutions for shifter stop milling and chamfering, i.e. for synchronising parts.

Diamond dressing gear wheels now also available from DVS TOOLING
DVS Tooling GmbH will be presenting a comprehensive spectrum of tools for Präwema gear honing for both internal and external gearing in Mumbai. The dressing tool VSD SF is new in the range. In this case, the letters SF stand for "Superfinishing" and refer to the extremely good surface quality. To do justice to these requirements in series production as well, the tools used must be coordinated accordingly. With the VSD SF, DVS Tooling has managed not only to offer tools with extremely tight production tolerances, but also surfaces of Rz < 1 μm for external gearing.

A further DVS Tooling highlight for IPTEX will be the diamond dressing gear wheels which the company finishes using its own DVS LaserCut method at its base in Hemer near Dortmund. The diamond wheels from DVS Tooling GmbH thus stand out with great cutting properties, excellent pitch quality and a long service life.

DVS complete solution for E-shaft machining
Within the DVS Technology Group, one company is dedicated to the complete machining of shaft components – Werkzeugmaschinenbau Ziegenhain GmbH or WMZ for short. One focus of WMZ is the machining of components for alternative drives: the motor shaft of an electric drive can be soft turned, milled, drilled and geared using the power skiving method on an H200 machine. With this technology combination, WMZ is primarily addressing production companies with medium-sized series for the electric vehicle industry.

The DVS UGrind by Buderus Schleiftechnik can carry out the hard machining and finishing of small to medium-sized series of identical components precisely and in a reliable process. Faces and plunge cuts are made using hard turning. Outer diameter, sealing and key surfaces are ground with high precision. Then a specially integrated honing unit finishes the bearing seat of the hollow shaft, achieving a surface roughness of Rz < 2.5 μm. The key feature of the machine is the flexible multi-functional head which has an activity radius of 270°. Through this head, all tools as well as a precise measuring sensor are used with short travel and a high efficiency factor. A further area of application for the DVS UGrind is classic workshop production, where a large range of different shaft or lining parts are manufactured in different, usually small, batch sizes.

For more information:
DVS Technology Group

Effgen – Lapport Schleiftechnik

With a business experience of more than 100 years, the traditional family companies Effgen and Lapport introduce themselves as competent contact partners for well-rounded solutions in the field of high precision, standard grinding and dressing applications, as well as bespoke tools for customer requirements.

The expertise and the expansion of professional competence between both companies has been optimized with applications, process improvement and manufacturing developments. Hence, the Effgen-Lapport team has already launched several new products and process developments since the merger, implemented successfully in cooperation with customers and partners and leading to significant process improvements and cost saving applications.

Diamond, boron nitride (CBN), corundum and silicon carbide (SiC), either embedded in an innovative electroplated layer or sintered in a vitrified, resin or metal bond – Effgen-Lapport Schleiftechnik offers a precisely designed product system of high quality and reproducibility, independent from the complexity of application. A competent technical assistance as well as a flexible delivery service are included.

The philosophy of Effgen-Lapport and the 350 employees, which is Precision – Innovation – Flexibility, has successfully led to continuous growth results and customer satisfaction with their products. Today, nearly 10,000 customers wordwide receive product and service deliveries made by Effgen-Lapport Schleiftechnik.

For more information:
Effgen-Lapport Schleiftechnik

EIFCO Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd – Booth B-9

Eifco Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. has been in the business of machinery manufacture for over 50 years. Our drilling machines and hobbing machines are well known in the Indian Market. We have established ourselves as a very reliable brand, with more than 45 NC and CNC gear hobbing machines sold in a short span of less than 5 years with almost half of these being repeat orders from extremely satisfied customers.

We currently offer 4 different models of 5-Axis CNC gear hobbing machines:

  • Hobber 250R: 5-Axis CNC Gear Hobbing Machine: Max workpiece diameter: 250 mm with Direct Drive with Coupling-Free, Synchronous Built-in motors for Table and Hob Spindle;
  • Hobber 250: 5-Axis CNC Gear Hobbing Machine: Max workpiece diameter: 250 mm with Worm and Worm-wheel drive for Table and EGB for indexing and differential functions;
  • Hobber 120: Max workpiece diameter: 120 mm with Worm and Worm-wheel drive for Table and EGB for indexing and differential functions;
  • Hobber 400: Max workpiece diameter: 400 mm with Worm and Worm-wheel drive for Table and EGB for indexing and differential functions;

Besides the models currently offered, our innovative and dynamic design team is continuously working on expanding the range!

To summarize, the salient features of the Eifco hobbing machines range are:

  • Very easy to operate due to specially designed User Interface and in-built dialog programming application
  • Completely indigenously designed and manufactured in India
  • We are well established manufacturers of machines with proven track record, and excellent reference list of 45 NC and CNC Machines
  • Eifco manufactures the heavily ribbed and sturdy mineral cast base inhouse. This enable a high degree of customization to suit components which cannot be accommodated on standard machines, such as long shafts, speedo gears with high helix angles etc .
  • Competitively priced
  • Short delivery period
  • Customized Tooling solutions available as optional
  • Choice of Mitsubishi or Fanuc CNC Controllers

At our Booth B-9, at the IPTEX2018, we will demonstrate one 5-Axis CNC hobbing machine from our range and posters of other models. We welcome visitors to our booth for personal discussions regarding their requirements with our technical team!

For more information:
EIFCO Machine Tools

Gleason - Hall 5, Booth P3

Gleason India will participate in this year's IPTEX in Mumbai India, from February 22 to 24, 2018 at Booth P3, Hall 5, showing Total Gear Solutions including manufacturing equipment for the production of cylindrical and bevel gears, design and process software as well as latest developments in digital manufacturing.

As a special highlight, Gleason India will introduce the new 200SVP Gear Shaving Machine, "Made in India." The new solution for economical shaving of automotive and similar sized gears is designed for reliable operation and ease of use, and can be easily linked to gear hobbing machines by means of its simple interface or integrated automation. Additionally, Gleason India now supplies shaving cutters manufactured at its new premises in Bangalore, as well as local sharpening services executed on its brand-new, state-of-the-art Gleason 410SCG Shaving Cutter Grinding Machine. The 200SVP is an ideal match for Genesis Gear Hobbing Machines which are produced in the new Gleason India facility in Bangalore which was inaugurated only a few months ago. Additionally, Gleason India offers re-manufacturing services for original Gleason Machines improving productivity and performance.

Gleason India will be also displaying a wide array of gear manufacturing tools such as: hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters, grinding and honing tools as well as its line of bevel gear manufacturing tools which are produced in India or are imported from Gleason plants overseas. Bevel Gear Manufacturers will be very interested in the new PENTAC® Mono Cutter System: this new cutter head for bevel gears works with one blade type only which results in easier handling and significantly improved tool life.

Gleason's well-known family of workholding solutions is extended by FLEX-GRIP® and FLEX-SPAND™ Universal Workholding for the manufacture of bevel gear prototypes. The modular design of the FLEX-Line allows for a few weeks delivery only while providing the same precision and repeatability of production workholding. Another workholding highlight is Gleason's new line of Segmented Collets which raises precision and durability of collets to new levels.

Gleason will also demonstrate its new GEMS™ Engineering and Manufacturing Software. GEMS is a milestone in bevel gear manufacturing – its open system architecture integrates all required manufacturing tools seamlessly including interfaces to third party solutions, like KISSsoft® Gear Design Software, which will also be available for demonstration.

Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Solutions take an important place in Gleason's future manufacturing strategy. At IPTEX, Gleason will showcase several new 4.0 developments like Machine-Tool Communication, Fingerprint™ Machine Analysis and Gleason Connect®+ (augmented reality in the maintenance world).

For more information:
Gleason Corporation

Klingelnberg – Booth P-1

The Klingelnberg Group will again be presenting its products at IPTEX (International Power Transmission Expo) in Mumbai, India from February 22 to 24, 2018. The trade show, now in its fifth year, has evolved in recent years to become one of the most promising platforms on the Indian market. Klingelnberg will also be present at the three-day event, making its technical expertise available to its customers to generate interesting discussions on the topic of gear technology. Participation in the IPTEX show is a fabulous opportunity for Klingelnberg to network with customers and potential partners. An expert team of application engineers and sales consultants is looking forward to numerous visitors and interesting discussions.

For more information:

Matchless Machines and Technology – Booth A-38

Matchless Machines and Technology specializes in bringing to its customers in India, machining solutions for all processes related to gear manufacturing, from forging to hard finishing of gears for all applications. We offer appropriate state-of-the-art technologies to suit product quality as well as productivity at a viable cost. We represent manufacturers who offer not just machines, but the complete technology and techno-commercially viable solutions. We represent machinery manufacturers selected carefully, after a thorough evaluation of their manufacturing facilities, feed-back from their current users and personal visits to their plants. We have been in business for over two decades and have a very satisfied customer base as well as excellent rapport with the principals whom we represent.

Our Principals CJMT produce about 700 machines per year, including gear Shaping machines for components of diameters ranging from 200 mm to 4,500 mm. They also offer CNC helical guides on their 6-axis CNC Universal Gear Shaper models of various diameters. CJMT also offers gear hobbing machines for component diameters ranging from 800 mm to 6,000 mm, as well as CNC rack shaping, sector gear shaping and saw blade milling machines. There are currently 16 machines running satisfactorily in India with 2 more on order. CJMT offers excellent service support to its customers.

We are the sole distributors in India for König-mtm GmbH, manufacturers of high precision clamping systems. König-mtm is one of the global leading manufacturers of high precision hydraulic and mechanical clamping equipment. They design and produce clamping systems according to specific quality requirements and also offer individually tailor-made solutions.

Our principals, Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., offer excellent worm and thread milling and grinding solutions.

We offer an entire range of spiral bevel gear manufacturing machinery for generation, lapping, grinding, testing and cutter sharpening, as well as machines for straight bevel gears of various sizes. We have a very good reference list for these machines in India.

In our booth, A-38 at the IPTEX 2018, we will be displaying posters and catalogs of machines and tooling from our principals for various processes related to gear manufacturing. It would be our privilege to discuss your requirement and offer solutions suitable for the same!

For more information:
Matchless Machinery and Technology


At IPTEX 2018, Reishauer discusses its new RZ310 generating gear grinding machine, a flexible and user-friendly concept specifically designed and suited for the Indian market. This machine concept complements Reishauer’s overall automotive and truck gear grinder portfolio. The 310’s target market are the job shops that require a flexible grinding machine that handles 1-offs to medium lot sizes.

Furthermore, as the machine’s capabilities feature all of Reishauer’s gear grinding technologies such as twist control (TCG), polish grinding, grinding of non-involute and beveloid gears, it is also ideal for developing prototype gears. All grinding parameters developed for the prototypes can subsequently be read across to Reishauer’s high-volume production machines.

For more information:

Transmission Machinery Co. Ltd. – Booth A-2-A

Founded in 1982, Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer in Taiwan, offering the Transcyko brand of speed reducers and gearboxes. Known for offering technical solutions for companies across many industries, Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. has offered its design and innovations for over 30 years.

In 2015, the company began a factory location project, which will help meet increased demand from its global customer base. The relocation is expected to be complete in 2018.

Representatives will be at IPTEX 2018 to discuss the company’s wide range of products, including cycloidal, planetary, helical-bevel and variable drive gearboxes, as well as concrete mixer drives, plastic/rubber machine gearboxes and other large gearboxes for heavy industry.

For more information:
Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tyrolit – Stall B-3

Tyrolit is one of the world's leading manufacturers of grinding, cutting, drilling and dressing tools as well as machines for the construction industry.

The family owned company, which was founded in 1919 and is a member of the Swarovski Group, is based in Schwaz, Austria, and currently has over 4,600 employees at 29 production locations in 12 countries and on five continents. Tyrolit's Metal and Precision, Industrial Trade, Construction and Stone – Ceramics – Glass divisions manufacture 80,000 different products. They are offered to customers all over the world by 36 sales companies and additional distributors in 65 countries. Tyrolit products grind, cut and drill almost any material of any hardness using advanced technology from Tyrol. The experts at Tyrolit are known throughout the world for mastering a wide variety of challenges and are highly sought-after partners in the development of new and innovative solutions.

Tyrolit see relationship with customers as a long-term partnership with a win-win outcome. Our high-quality product range and long-standing application engineering expertise are the key factors for shared success. Close cooperation with our customers leads to strategic developments and lasting benefits for both parties. Our worldwide production and sales network, and global logistics make us a competent partner for our global customers.

Tyrolit at IPTEX/GRINDEX 18 will be showcasing its premium product variants in grinding wheels for the Transmission Industries. Our products will be of Conventional wheels for gear grinding (Profile and Worm), Gear honing wheels and Dressers and Internal & Cylindrical wheel in Conventional and Super abrasives (CBN).

Product Description:

  • Tryolit Mira Ultra grinding wheelMIRA ULTRA – WORM GEAR GRINDING WHEEL — Excellent economic efficiency and component quality make continuous generating gear grinding the leading machining process in the medium- and large-scale production of gears. The cylindrical gear grinding wheel lies at the heart of this process.

    Tyrolit has developed the MIRA Ultra product line specifically for the continuous generating grinding of gears. All specifications are produced without the addition of sintered aluminium oxide and combine high performance data with optimum economic efficiency.The new type of grinding wheel structure was specially designed for operating speeds of up to 100 m/s, and allows reliable operation on modern high-speed machines.
  • MIRA ICE – NEW WORM GEAR GRINDING WHEEL. — The MIRA ICE product line has been specially developed for the continuous generating grinding of gears. A new kind of development approach enables unprecedented results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and cool grinding.
    • Shorter grinding times due to the significantly higher stock removal rates and fewer rough grinding passes
    • Longer tool life due to reduced shift travel and increased dressing cycles.
    • Highest process stability with a completely homogeneous grinding wheel structure.
  • BURKA – KOSMOS PROFILE GRINDING WHEEL — The merger with BURKA-KOSMOS sees Tyrolit, one of the largest abrasives manufacturers in the world, expand its portfolio of high-quality products. BURKA-KOSMOS is an experienced specialist in the grinding of large gears and a technology and market leader in this sector. In the MIRA ICE product line, Tyrolit, together with BURKA-KOSMOS, has developed a new kind of tool that allows higher stock removal without risking burning.

    The MIRA ICE product line was developed together with established Tyrolit experts in order to meet the requirements for grinding large gears.

    A new kind of development approach enables previously unknown results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and cool grinding. MIRA ICE has been further optimized on the basis of the leading product line from BURKA-KOSMOS and sets new standards Throughout the industry.
  • CSS ULTRA – EXTERNAL CYLINDRICAL GRINDING WHEEL — With the CSS ULTRA product line, Tyrolit has succeeded in sustainably optimizing the micro-architecture for a vitrified-bonded grinding wheel using new high-quality components and an innovative sintering technology. This improvement has proven itself in practice in the high performance grinding process, in terms of less wheel wear, high profile retention, cool cutting.
  • GENIS -2 CBN EXTERNAL CYLINDRICAL GRINDING — With the GENIS 2 product line, Tyrolit defines a new performance level and a wider range of applications for external cylindrical grinding with vitrified-bonded CBN tools. GENIS 2 is characterized by a high-strength bond with excellent moistening properties, which securely binds the CBN grain. Low bond volumes enable very porous, cool-grinding and extremely easy cutting specifications with a long lifetime. As It also comes with steel, CF Core for more stability.
  • POLARIS PLUS – EP GRINDING WHEELS — With its POLARIS product line, Tyrolit is the market and technology leader in the production of galvanic bonded grinding tools. Cutting-edge production equipment, manufacturing know-how and application expertise are essential for maximum tool lives. Even the smallest amount of axial and radial run out or the slightest imbalance can reduce the service life of the tool. Additionally with the POLARIS PLUS variant, the zones with the highest levels of tool wear can be specifically reinforced, extending the life of the grinding wheel even further.
  • COLUMBIA – INTERNAL GRINDING WHEEL — Vitrified bonded sintered aluminium oxide grinding tools for internal cylindrical grinding COLUMBIA grinding wheels from Tyrolit bridge the technological gap between grinding tools made of fused aluminium oxide and superabrasives. For internal cylindrical grinding applications, in particular, these products of specially bonded sintered aluminium oxide develop their full potential and make possible previously unparalleled levels of performance.
  • Tryolit Mira Rex gear honing wheelGear Honing – MIRA REX — In Gear Honing performance limits are increasingly being expanded in the honing of gears. Tyrolit is confirming its market and technology leadership in the field of gear honing tools and offers vitrified bonded honing rings with previously unattainable stock removal rates and lifetimes for high-efficiency honing. Over 25 years of experience make Tyrolit the market and Technology leader in the field of gear honing. As a professional Partner, we guarantee our customers the highest product Quality, intelligent system solutions, fast on-site service and Reliable lead times.

    The MIRA REX Product line has made it possible to provide the most economically efficient solution for all Honing processes. REX specifications for vitrified bonded and epoxy resin bonded and compound construction were developed to meet customer-specific requirements. Honing wheels with both internal and external gearing are available.

    Our experienced design engineers calculate the profile pattern for honing wheels and diamond dressing gears and draw up individual system solutions.
  • MIRA DDG diamond dressing gears — Honing wheels are trued and sharpened with maximum precision during the dressing process. Diamond dressing gears from the MIRA DDG product line are used for this purpose. These precision tools are manufactured using a positive electroplating process. It is also possible to re-plate worn tools.

    MIRA DDG products guarantee optimum dressing results, the best possible toothwork and surface quality, as well as maximum service life.

With close to 100 years of experience in the Field of Grinding Tyrolit offers solutions for various industry segments like Automotive, Bearing, Tooling, Turbine, Medical and Steel Industries.

To experience our product variant and to know more about grinding please do visit our Stall B3 at IPTEX / Grindex 18 at Mumbai BEC from 22nd to 24th February 2018.

For more information:

UCAM Pvt. Ltd. – Stall A-1

Nimble Noah 250 Gear Hobbing Machine

Nimble Machines, a business vertical of UCAM Pvt. Ltd., manufacturer of high-performance gear hobbing machines, is going to participate in IPTEX 2018 at Mumbai. Nimble Machines provides complete solutions in the field of precision gear manufacturing.

Hobbing on a Nimble Noah machine

Nimble Machines will display the Noah Series 6-Axis Gear Hobbing Machine, which won an award for best innovative product on display at IMTEX 2015. The Noah series machines are equipped with direct-drive torque motors for high speed and precision. The overall machine is structured on the philosophy of precision, power & productivity.

A thread grinding machine and surface grinding machine will be also put on display.

Another business vertical of UCAM, Nimble Electric, will also participate at IPTEX 2018. Nimble Electric focuses on diversified products and applications including custom engineered high precision torque motors, direct drives, high precision antenna testing fixtures and tethered multi-copter for demanding environments.

Nimble Electric’s customised motors are designed to operate over a range of speeds for a wide variety of military, aerospace and industrial applications. The motors have high torque-to-power and torque-to-inertia ratios, high linearity and low electrical time constants. Nimble Electric will display two variants of torque motors belonging to ORION series.

  1. OR 230130140 Motor
  2. OR 385265170 Motor

UCAM Mechatronics, another business vertical of UCAM Pvt. Ltd., will display a wide array of couplings, which are imported from overseas.

UCAM Pvt. Ltd., established in 1986, is well known for its CNC Rotary Tables in India and also provides 4- and 5-axis solutions to its customers. UCAM offers standard and customer specific solutions for industrial, medical, marine, aerospace and defence.

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