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Gear Technology India Proudly Announces Its First Awards for the Indian Gear Manufacturing Industry

Gear Technology India Proudly Announces Its First Awards for the Indian Gear Manufacturing Industry

By: Divya Sudarsanan


Gear Technology India along with AGMA is hosting India’s first gear industry business excellence & achievement awards to bring together Indian manufacturers and vendors under one roof to celebrate their impressive achievements and contributions to the Indian gear industry.

The purpose of these awards is multi-fold; not only are these awards a brilliant opportunity to recognize the excellence of the India gear industry, but also to boost and build brand awareness, and cement its credibility among their industry peers.

Here is our website link: https://awardsgeartechnologyindia.com/

Let’s break it down, and show you what needs to be done.

How Does This Work?

The awards are home to 9 categories that encompass all aspects of gear manufacturing. These categories are as follows:

  • Excellence in Design & Development
  • Excellence in Manufacturing Award
  • Cutting Tool Innovation Award
  • Gear Heat Treatment Excellence Award
  • Excellence in Servicing and Testing
  • Excellence in Indigenization: Make in India
  • Excellence in Social Commitment
  • She Drives the Gears
  • Innovator of the Year

Each of these categories are home to several criteria-related questions that validate that specific category. Some categories do not have a set of criteria-related questions that need to be answered. Instead, they follow a system of just a question or a category followed by a subcategory that has relevant questions.

Submission of Documentary Proof

Some categories require documentary proof as evidence. Some of these proofs are specified; while others are self-explanatory.

How Will You Be Judged?

Gear Technology India has six distinguished jury members who are experts in the various fields of gear manufacturing. Our jury members are: Mr. Srikant Manakal, Mr. Selvaraj, Mr. Mahendran, Mr. Soundarajan, Mr. Jacob Thomas, and Mr. Vishwajit Kothari.

A blind review will be conducted wherein your answers will be scored and collated. The top 2 finalists will be expected to make a presentation before the jury members on Jan 30.

Nomination Submission Guidelines:

Nominees, here are the guidelines to be followed

1. Registration – Fill in all credentials as sought and create your unique ID and password.
2. Sign in with your registered ID and password.
3. Go to the nomination award categories to choose the nomination category appropriate to your company.
4. A Company can seek nomination to multiple categories.
5. Under the respective category, there is an eligibility criterion. Fill in your answers in the text box.
6. Some categories do not have a criteria requirement. In such categories, fill in the details in the given text box.
7. There are no character limits for details in the text box. However, keep it short and meaningful.
8. Some criterion questions will require you to upload supporting documents as proof.
9. Documentary evidence must be in format pdf, jpg, png, zip file against the respective upload button. These files must be correctly named and correlated.
10. If required, multiple documentary evidence files can be uploaded at one go under each criteria-related question.
11. Please ensure only the relevant document/s are uploaded against that specific question.
12. The top 2 shortlisted nominees in each category will make a presentation to the jury members on Feb 8 either virtually or physically.
13. Nominations close on 10 Jan 24 at 11.59pm IST.
14. After the submission deadline, all details provided will be considered as final and no changes are permitted.
15. Nominated Companies will be intimated and such companies (finalists) need to depute a senior management person to the awards show.
16. Selected company(ies) represented are to receive their awards.
17. Juries’ decision will be final and dissent will not be entertained.

Award Ceremony Details

The awards will take place on Feb 23 in Pune, on the second day of the IPTEX-GRINDEX expo. The show will start at 4pm and end at 7pm followed by dinner and networking. The venue is at: <TBD>

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