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Nimble Machines: Redefining Gear Cutting

Nimble Machines: Redefining Gear Cutting

In today’s rapidly evolving gear manufacturing landscape, the demand is growing for high performance, precision and high-quality gears.

The customers expect a techno-commercially competitive solution in precision gears for various fields such as automobile, automation, energy and other allied sectors. The requirement of high precision gears is on the rise with the emergence of the e-mobility market.

Nimble Machines provides high-speed CNC Gear hobbing machines – VAJRA 130, 250, and 400, capable of hobbing up to 8 modules and 400mm diameter. VAJRA 130 was recently launched to cater to the demands of smaller, high-quality gears.

It is suitable for dry and wet hobbing up to module 3 and 130mm diameter. VAJRA Gear hobbing machines have found much interest in diverse industries including Tier-1 Automobile gear manufacturers, Gearbox Manufacturers and SMEs in General engineering.

In the world of CNC gear hobbing machines, precision is our top priority. Our design and FEA teams conduct thorough Static and Dynamic Analysis, Modal Analysis, and Frequency Response Analysis.

This ensures our machines are structurally sound and perform optimally in various conditions, resulting in high-quality gear production.

Key Technological Offerings

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, our CNC gear hobbing machines offer a range of innovative features that optimize performance and productivity such as:

Direct-drive for Hob spindle and Work table: This enables our machine to achieve higher hob speeds of over 240 with the latest high speed carbide cutting tools to give high productivity, superior cycle time and quality.

Linear Scale: the hobbing machines are also offered with linear scale which offers enhanced feedback on the location of the cutting tool and workpiece.

UCRIDE Technology: The machines are designed with UCRIDE® technology consisting of epoxy granite filling to ensure reduced vibration and higher damping effect.

Automation: Indexing type ring loader for component loading/ unloading Component Magazine with conveyor belt system for continuous component feeding enhances the overall rate of productivity.

These features enable the machines to produce high-quality gears of up to DIN7 Class at a higher production rate.

Enhancing User Experience and Efficiency

With a focus on user-centric design, our machine simplifies maintenance, offering compelling reasons to consider it.

Latest CNC Controller: The machines are offered with the latest Siemens 828D or FANUC Oi-MF control system to meet customer preferences around the globe.

User-friendly and customizable macros: These make the machines easy to operate, program and meet the expectation of customers with regard to ease of use.

Softwares: Machines are developed suitable for Hobbing Spur, Helical, sprocket, spline, taper hobbing, Tangential hobbing using taper hob for worm wheel, hobbing of Orientation components are developed. In addition, availability of CNC programs for bad sector skip and V-Shift enables maximum utilization of hob life.

Remote diagnostic feature: Allows real-time monitoring and troubleshooting from afar, enhancing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Nimble Machines’ VAJRA series of CNC gear hobbing machines meet the growing demand for precision gears. With advanced features and user-centric design, we’re committed to excellence in gear manufacturing.

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