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A Pre-Event Report on IPTEX-GRINDEX 2024

A Pre-Event Report on  IPTEX-GRINDEX 2024

By: Divya Sudarsanan

2024 is off to a big start! Virgo Communication and Exhibitions are proud to organize two power packed events catering to the gear manufacturing market.

Its 8th edition of the International Power Transmission Expo (IPTEX), and the 6th edition of the International Expo on the Grinding and Finishing Process (GRINDEX) will take place in Pune.

This explosive IPTEX-GRINDEX exhibition brings together two massive events for both exhibitors and visitors under one roof on this amazing platform.

The benefits are enormous – from showcasing the latest innovations and trends to networking with important stakeholders in the industry, and live demonstrations to seminars, and even a
first-of-its-kind award show, this exhibition promises to be unlike any other exhibition that you’ve either as an exhibitor or a visitor has ever witnessed.

Co-founder of Virgo Communications and Exhibitions, Raghunath G, had this to say: “We are delighted to be organising the 8th edition of IPTEX and the 6th edition of GRINDEX.

Over a period of years, we have worked closely with the gears & grinding industry and it is great to see the industry grow by leaps and bounds and to create a platform that further encourages the growth of the industry. The gear industry is the backbone of many other sectors and an integral part of our day to day lives and if there is one industry that can accomplish the “Make in India” vision, it will be this one.”

The three-day IPTEX-GRINDEX event will take place on Feb 22-24 at the Auto Cluster Centre in Pune.On the second day of the expo, India’s First Gear Industry Business Excellence and Achievement Award Ceremony will take place.

For more information on these awards, click here <hyperlink awards story>

Gear Technology India spoke to prior exhibitors who are participating in the upcoming exhibition, and this is what they had to say:

What Exhbitors’ Say


Sachin Mahajan
Marketing Head, India,
Quaker Houghton.

“We’ve been partnering with the expo from the first edition which started in Mumbai. This is an exclusive expo for gear and transmission, and we have a product line for this reason.

The IPTEX-GRINDEX expo is an apt platform to interact with the customers. We will be introducing new product lines for gears and transmission at the upcoming expo.”


Amit Kumar Singh
Molemab India

“We’ve been participating in the IPTEX-GRINDEX expo for over three years now, before Covid hit. We feel this is one of the best platforms; Pune is an automotive haven. We have a complete range of products that we manufacture, and is a great opportunity to meet customers – new and old. We are looking forward to catering to new customers to your list, we have new range of griding products to showcase. Indian manufacturing plant in Bangalore introduce and look for building new relationships for Make in India products.”


Madhu Devarajan
Export Marketing Engineer, Ghishnu Gear

“IPTEX – Grindex is one of the established platforms to connect customers with the gear people all around the world. We have been part of the expo for 6 years. We get opportunities to meet new customers and traders, and we try to build a connection. We are newly getting into Planetary gear segment, and our USP is that we have the capacity to cut internal helical gears in our facility.”


Sriharsha M. B
REISHAUER AG (Proteck Machinery Pvt. Ltd)

“We’ve been part of the IPTEX-GRINDEX show from the first edition. The expo is more focussed on gears and transmissions, and this is what makes us return. This time during the 3-day event, we will be looking at showcasing tooling and technologies. There will be no machines on display at the upcoming event.”


 Mr. Kansara
Partner, Supreme Gears Industries

“We’ve been part of the expo from the first edition itself. This is an apt platform for us to attract new customers, and connect with old customers. We will be showcasing our products like spur helical worm shaft, spiral bevel, rack pinion and so on at the upcoming expo.”


Mr. Naveen Patel
Executive Vice President, Business Development, Empire Machine Tools

“Empire Machine Tools is associated from inception of IPTEX. The expo is a niche and focused segment, and thus we get the opportunity to meet existing customer and potential customers. At this expo we will be showcasing a Profilator Germany make advanced generation scudding ( skiving) solutions, Profilator Gear Center – Producing all key gear features in one machine. Kanzaki Japan make new generation high speed gear Grinding and Gear profile Honing solutions, Spline Rolling solutions for EV Transmission shafts, Rotary Transfer solutions for high production volume and a one source to complete GearTech solution.”


Mr. Manoj Agarwal
CEO, Spiro Gears

“We’ve been a part of the IPTEX-GRINDEX expo since 2016. It’s because of the visitors that come here for the expo, as they are very focused and genuine inquiries. Besides this, Pune is a great hub for meeting such visitors who are very supportive of the gear manufacturers. We have developed new and different gears for the American and European market for the upcoming expo.”


Mr. Aroop Kumar

“We’ve been with IPTEX-GRINDEX from the beginning. As a gear machine builder, we don’t get the recognition at other expos unlike at IPTEX-GRINDEX because it caters to our specific needs, and offers that space. For the upcoming expo, we will be exhibiting something new for our customers.”