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Big Daishowa introduces the C3 series of Big Capto tool holders

Big Daishowa introduces the C3 series of Big Capto tool holders

Big Daishowa has launched the C3 program, an extension of the Big Capto tool holder range designed to enhance efficiency and precision in small lathe operations.

The Mega New Baby chucks within the C3 series offer a clamping range of .010–.630 inches and a maximum rpm of 30,000. Ideal for drills, reamers, taps, and finishing end mills, these chucks, known for their ultra-slim and robust design, ensure reliable gripping even for the smallest workpieces.

For turning applications, the Big Capto C3 square holders are available in left and right orientations. The monoblock holders, such as C3-180-BH16R-2058 and C3-180-BH16L-2058, boast tough and reliable insert clamps, enhancing the inherent rigidity of monoblock holders. This increased rigidity minimizes vibrations and movement during cutting, resulting in improved accuracy and efficiency.

The newly introduced square tool holders come in 90-degree and 180-degree types. The 90-degree variant offers various orientations, including a perpendicular option, making it suitable for tight spaces with limited clearance. On the other hand, the 180-degree type enables machining of hard-to-reach areas on the workpiece.

Considering the space constraints in smaller lathes and mill-turn machines with C3 clamping systems, integral C3 turning adapters are both compact and rigid. They are available in both left- and right-hand configurations, catering to most common turning geometries. Additionally, C3 boring bar holders can securely clamp 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-mm boring bars, all equipped with through-spindle coolant. The Kombi Grip tool assembly device, specifically the KG32R model, proves to be a valuable addition for working on C3 tools outside the machine. Cleaning internal C3 clamping units is swift and efficient using the Big Capto spindle cleaner SC-C3.