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KISSsoft Offers LTCA Feature in Software Update

The loaded tooth contact analysis (LTCA) is crucial in understanding the deformation of gears and its impact on various factors…

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Fatigue Characteristics of Case-Hardened Gears

The overall design of the gear must take into account the stress systems and minimize the effect on the integrity…

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NUM Offers Tool Grinding Software to Denmark Tooling Company

TN Vaerktoejsslibning, Denmark’s second-largest precision tooling company has deployed Numroto, the programming system for tool grinding from NUM across its…

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Fractal Geometry Characteristics in Gear Tooth Surface Wear Evaluation

It is important to evaluate a number of parameters using Fractal Geometry in gear design/life. Here’s how it’s done By:…

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Exploring Strategies to Analyze and Prevent Common Gear Failures

As gears are prone to failure, understanding why this happens and how to prevent it leads to a better working…

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Harness the Optimum Torque Transmission With an In-Depth Look on Gear Root Forms

Here’s how to get better gear root forms by designing tool parameters and software simulations of the manufacturing process like…

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GWJ Technology Adds Functions to Calculation Software

A calculation specialist from Braunschweig, Germany, GWJ Technology GmbH has added new functions to the gear modules of its eAssistant web-based…

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KISSsoft Expands Fine Sizing Capabilities with Release 2023

KISSsoft’s fine sizing has become even more powerful in its Release 2023, as the further properties of the gearing can…

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“India is a large market and our software relating to gear manufacture is especially useful”

Please tell us a little about your company. How do your offerings support the gear industry? Dontyne Systems has produced…

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