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The Essential Role of Sensors in Factory Automation

The Vital Role of Sensors in Factory Automation Sensors are indispensable components in the landscape of factory automation, playing a…

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A Pre-Event Report on IPTEX-GRINDEX 2024

By: Divya Sudarsanan 2024 is off to a big start! Virgo Communication and Exhibitions are proud to organize two power…

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Navigating the Challenges and Solutions of Heat Treatment in Gear Manufacturing

By Sushmita Das In the world of engineering, the phrase “heat treatment” might conjure images of forging swords in ancient…

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Shifting Gears: ENRX Drives the Transition to a Greener Future in Gear Manufacturing

Induction heating, a process of remarkable precision, is ideal for gear manufacturing. In a world where environmental consciousness and efficiency…

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Best Practices for Designing Efficient and Reliable Gears

Gears are an essential component of many machines, from automobiles to industrial machinery. The efficiency and reliability of these machines…

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Heavy-Duty Solid End Milling with Superior Performance

CoroMill Plura HD is Sandvik Coromant’s first-choice optimized solution for heavy-duty applications up to 2×D in steel and stainless steel…

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KISSsoft Offers FKM Shaft Strength Calculation

In the KISSsoft shaft calculation, the proof of fatigue strength can be performed by generating an equivalent stress verification according…

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Annual Gear Market Report Analysis

S&P Global analysts will present their latest forecasts for the U.S. and global economy and the impact on gear and…

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SKF awarded top sustainability ratings

Gothenburg, 15 December 2022: SKF has achieved a Platinum Medal from EcoVadis, one of the world’s most trusted providers of…

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