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Health Hazards of Gear Surface Finishing: A Call for Improved Air Filtration by Hengst Filtration’s Innovative Solutions

Gear surface finishing is a critical step in the production of gears, ensuring precision and durability in these mechanical components….

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Precision Engineering Excellence: A Deep Dive into RDMC’s Gear Manufacturing Legacy with Tarun Nahata

Ring gear By: Sushmita Das Founded in August 1972, Research Development & Manufacturing Corporation (RDMC) has evolved into a global…

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Zimmermann’s Upcoming Plans for the Indian Gear Manufacturing Market

By: Nishant Kashyap Frieder Gänzle CEO, F. Zimmermann GmbH Frieder Gänzle, CEO of F. Zimmermann GmbH, spoke with Nishant Kashyap…

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‘Customer success is our primary focus’: says Fritz Studer AG’s Sandro Bottazzo

In conversation with Nishant Kashyap during EMO 2023, Mr. Sandro Bottazzo, the esteemed CSO / Managing Director of Fritz Studer…

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Techno Gear Works Pvt. Ltd. Contribution to India’s Lunar Mission

Techno Gear Works Pvt. Ltd. has been in the precision gear manufacturing business for more than 50 years. They also…

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Bevel Gears India’s Role in Chandrayaan’s Success

India recently made waves when Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the south pole of the Moon. Behind this tremendous feat, is…

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IGW’s Stefaan Dewaele Eyes Expansion through Transmission and Motor Gear Acquisitions

With 70 years of experience in gear manufacturing, Belgium’s IGW history began in 1949 when a 20-year-old ambitious entrepreneur, Mr….

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Gear Machine

NORD offers Complete System Solutions for Drive System Requirements

Please tell us a bit about your company With approximately 5,000 employees worldwide, NORD develops & produces a market driven…

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In Conversation with LMT Tools

Please tell us a little about your company. How do your offerings support the gear industry? LMT Tools is one…

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